The Work@Health® Program for Champions

In order to inform organizations and trainers interested in the corporate health, Work@Health® will enlist the assistance of organizations, employers and other stakeholders that recognize the value of worksite health and that are willing to inform and educate others about this incredible opportunity. Known as Work@Health® Wellness Champions, these stakeholder organizations will use their own networks to increase awareness about Work@Health® and encourage participation. Work@Health® Wellness Champions are stakeholder organizations and/or employers that have demonstrated a commitment to promoting the Work@Health® Program. In order to be recognized as a Wellness Champion, the organization must:
  • Have a network comprised of employers or organizations that are likely candidates for Work@Health®. Those include:
    • Health departments
    • Business coalitions
    • Public health-based non-profits
    • Trade associations
  • Agree to promote the Work@Health® Program to its network of potential Work@Health® participants
  • Agree to report its Work@Health® promotion efforts in a measurable way, using a reporting template provided by the Work@Health® team (ASHLIN Management Group)
  • Use the Work@Health® Outreach Toolkit as a means of structuring its Work@Health® communications to its network
  • Appoint a Work@Health® point of contact (POC) responsible for coordinating Work@Health® promotion
  • Participate in an evaluation effort to assess the perceived effectiveness by its network members
  • If applicable, participate in the Work@Health® Train-the-Trainer Program in order to learn how to be a resource for its membership
  Work@Health® Wellness Champion benefits:
  • Recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as partner to the Work@Health® program and a committed stakeholder in the efforts to build comprehensive and sustainable worksite health and wellness programs
  • Organization’s name and logo listed as a partner to Work@Health® program on portal and other promotional materials
  • Access to the most up-to-date worksite wellness resource materials that can be shared with the Wellness Champions’ networks
  • Participation on the Work@Health® Advisory Committee
If you are interested in becoming a Work@Health® Wellness Champion, please feel free to email